Friday, August 7, 2009

PRESS RELEASE: Bread and Puppet Announces Its Summer Shows, Performing Through August!

Lubberland National Dance Company: Friday Nights at 8pm (through Aug 28)
Circus and Pageant: Sundays at 3pm, Rain or Shine! (through Aug 30)

All Admission is Free, Donations Appreciated!


Every Friday night at 8pm through August, Bread and Puppet Theater is experimenting with its new performance format, the Lubberland National Dance Company.

The Lubberland National Dance Company's 13 Dirt Floor Cathedral Dances are performed inside + outside the newly finished Paper Mache Cathedral. They include a forest admiration dance of a NYC rush hour crowd, the Dance of the Foolish Woman Who Tries To Bring Back To Life the Victims of the Drone Bombardments in Pakistani Villages, a sermon-dance, performed by the deeply superstitious practitioners of the paper mache religion and weekly new dances as the summer progresses. The sounds for the dances range from gravel in wheelbarrow to trombones and baritone horns and are composed and improvised for the occasion.
The Lubberland National Dance Company will run a show at the Bread and Puppet Farm, RT 122, Glover, every Friday night at 8 pm through August 28th. Donations appreciated.


"The Dirt Cheap Money Circus & Pageant" is performed every Sunday through August at 3pm in the circus field and pine forest of the Bread and Puppet Farm. The circus features the distress of money-deprived billionaires, the logic of the US Healthcare System, the philosophy of Forever, presented by a flock of kids, spectacular stilt dances, interspersed with appearances by Karl Marx, who confronts the 2009 economic situation with his existential thoughts about money and our relationship to it. And much more. As always, this year's circus performs to a live band and excels in giant puppets.

The circus leads directly to the pageant, which involves a parade to the pine forest, a giant wicker woman, a vicious team of headless businessmen, a doomed Ship of Fools.

The traditional bread and aioli will be served and the museum will be open!

It all happens on the Bread and Puppet Farm, Rt. 122 in Glover VT. At 1 pm, there is a tour of the Bread and Puppet Museum, with small shows to follow at 2:30 pm. Circus begins at 3pm with Pageant to follow. Follow signs to parking; in case of rain, follow signs to an indoor performance space.

For information, call 802-525-3031, or go to