Monday, January 18, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Mary E. Johnson at 215 College Gallery in Burlington

The 215 College Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition, Constructed Spaces, featuring the photographic work of Mary E. Johnson, opening on Friday January 29, 2010 from 5-8pm with an artist talk and reception. The exhibition runs through February 21, 2010.

With quirky lawn ornaments, gently waving laundry, rambling vegetable gardens and perfectly sculpted shrubbery, Constructed Spaces explores the construction and individualization of outdoor yard space as an extension of each occupant's home and personality. Johnson uses a vintage 4x5 Speed Graphic View Camera to capture her images and hand-prints black and white Silver Gelatin Prints in a traditional darkroom as well as Cyanotypes, a blue printing process from the 1800's.

Johnson, who lives and works in Burlington, studied at the New England School of Photography and Johnson State College, and is currently the Photography Program Director for Burlington City Arts. She also teaches photography at the Community College of Vermont and Champlain College.

Gallery hours are Friday, 12-8; Saturday 12-6, Sunday 12-6 or by appointment. Call the gallery at 863-3662 for more information or email the artist directly at