Monday, July 5, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: “Cosmic Canvas” at Green Bean Gallery, Capitol Grounds Café in Montpelier

Cosmic Canvas, an exhibit of ng work on canvas in various media by Missy Cary Storrow, Linda Berg Maney and Robin LaHue, will be at The Green Bean Gallery in Capitol Grounds Café, on State Street in Montpelier Vermont through July 31. Although their styles are very different, the three artists’ work is tied together by the common threads of friendship.

Missy Cary Storrow started her art venture with an audited class at Johnson State College, curious to see if she would like to paint as her father had for many years. From there she was invited to join three other women and paint with Lawrence Goldsmith, watercolor artist, in Fairfax VT, which convinced her that she would. Since moving to Calais she has met some very inspirational artists, including Robin LaHue and Linda Maney, whom she paints with regularly. As members of the the central Vermont Art Resource Association this brings them together with other creative folks in the community. Recently Missy has been exploring spatial unknowns working from the form through the formless spiritual space, with additional playfulness. She loves the motion of painting and its involvement in creation of a painting, which makes the moment. She has a diptych piece in the show, “Glacial Melt Down”, which was begun while painting to Michael Arnowitt playing improvisational pieces at the TW Wood Gallery.

Linda Berg Maney started painting seriously with the encouragement of her good friend, Missy, Studio Place Arts and her late husband. She fell in love with painting. Linda likes action and contemplation both in life and art. Movement and/or being still are themes she conveys in her art. In this exhibit, she uses completely non-representational abstract painting for the movement and the window motif for the contemplative painting. The paintings in this exhibit are all on canvas, which is a surface that she has been exploring for the past few years along with continuing her works on paper.

Robin LaHue has been painting and drawing as long as she can remember. She studied art in Long Island, NY, and in Connecticut, with lots of self-exploration along the way. She did not paint for quite a few years, and then six years ago began to seriously paint and exhibit her work in central and northern Vermont with the support of Linda and Missy. Her favorite medium is water soluble oils, and she has developed her own unique way of manipulating the paint with water. The works in Cosmic Canvas all reach out to our spirituality, as in the painting Daphne, reaching out to heaven but still rooted here on earth.

Image: Silent Space by Missy Storrow