Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Auction of Drawings to benefit Japanese Earthquake Relief

Wylie Sofia Garcia is having an auction of 40 ink drawings produced in 2008 with 50% of all auction proceeds donated to the Emergency Relief Fund for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Save the Children Fund.

The auction starts Tuesday, March 22 at 12:01 am Eastern time and goes until Tuesday March 29th at 11:59 pm Eastern time. To see items and find out how to bid, visit the auction site http://wyliegarciaartauction.blogspot.com/

Artist Statement:
I became interested in density and textiles while observing laundry hanging out to dry during a residency at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing China in 2007. Every veranda, porch and patio had clothes hanging out to dry. This is a very interesting symbol of humanity because I realized I could be in Texas, Vermont, Spain, China or any where in the world and still find a place where laundry is hung out to dry on a line. It is a poetic universal image that inspired a year of exploration using black ink, lace and mixed textiles on paper.

The idea for this auction came about from picking up the Saturday March 14th New York Times in a local coffee shop this past Saturday evening. On one page was a striking image of a 30 year old Bahrainian who's body was being washed as part of funerary ceremony, while on the next was an image of a recently evacuated two month old Japanese boy who was being washed by a volunteer near the town of Okuma, close to where the Fukushima nuclear plant is located. Two images, so drastically different in content were so powerfully related to the rise and fall of life and humanity in our world. The juxtaposition of both images moved me so much that they have become my call to arms. I cannot go another day without trying to do something to impact an help this/my/our global crisis. I may be an artist living in Burlington, VT, but I am also a human on this planet and I would like to take some responsibility for my being here. Therefore after much research I have decided to donate 50% of the proceeds from this art auction to Save the Children, specifically I am donating to the Save the Children Japan Earth Quake and Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund. To find out more about this organization please visit: http://www.savethechildren.org

Vanishing, ink on yuppo paper, 2008, 9"x12"
Closeness II, ink on paper, 2008, 6.5"x5"