Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: T.W. Wood Gallery receives donation of a T.W. Wood portrait

The T.W. Wood Gallery and Arts Center is delighted to announce the acquisition of a portrait by T.W. Wood of Montpelier native Arthur Daggett Bancroft. His descendants, the Dwinell family, donated this painting to the Gallery.

Who was Arthur Daggett Bancroft? This information was gleaned from an entry about him in the History of Montpelier section of Abby Hemenway's History of Vermont, and brought to our attention courtesy of Jane Dwinnell:

He was a lifelong resident of Montpelier. It said he was a selectman and much esteemed by his townsmen. It did not say what he did for work, but indicated he was much like his father who was a director of the Montpelier National Bank, so I expect the son was as well (especially since the bio said, "he left a handsome estate"). He died of "consumption”, as did his father. My mother thought his home was where the Main Street School is now.

This most welcome new addition to the T.W. Wood Gallery & Arts Center’s Permanent Collection is a sterling example of the Art of Portraiture that Wood became so famous for during his lifetime and is still appreciated by the students, critics and connoisseurs of today. The portrait can be viewed during the Gallery’s regular business hours – Tuesdays - Sundays from 12:00 Noon till 4:00pm or during one of the many Special Events the gallery is proud to host.