Saturday, March 3, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Gove Hill Christian Spring Retreat, Thetford

Gove Hill Retreat gears up for Annual christian spring retreat

Thetford, Vt, February 29, 2012

Vermont may have been named the nation’s least religious state by USA Today, but that isn’t discouraging organizers of the annual Christian Spring Arts Retreat. The three-day retreat, held May 4-6, 2012 offers a unique blend of hands on instruction by renowned Vermont oil painter, Reed Prescott, and professional photographer, Jim Mauchly, discussion on faith and art, and time to explore the natural environment on Gove Hill Retreats 187-acre campus.

Prescott, who facilitates the creative long-weekend, states that “the freedom to create, to work away from the distractions of home around a group of supportive people,” is one of the events biggest perks.

Drawing artists from various areas of New England and beyond, the Spring Arts Retreat is one of three offered by the conference center: a Christian writers’ conference and songwriters’ conference are both scheduled for July.

Resurgence in faith-based art programs is on the rise. National organizations, such as Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA) in Wenham, Massachusetts, and Image, located in Seattle, Washington, continue to grow. Both organizations put out literary and art journals, as well as offering workshops, courses, gallery exhibits, and more.

Another popular feature of the Spring Arts Conference is the mentoring aspect. “Having a mentor show and explain to you what you are seeing,” said Prescott, “will open your eyes to that knowledge forever.”

For more information on the Spring Arts Conference or to register, visit Gove Hill Retreat’s website at or call (802) 785-4000.