Saturday, July 21, 2012

Catherine M. Elliott at Galleria Fine Arte in Stowe

Featured Artist, Catherine M. Elliott will exhibit Flower Impressions at  Galleria Fine Arte, 6 Sunset Street in Stowe from July 13 to August 29.

Catherine M. Elliott is one of the world's leading practitioners of Contemporary Impressionism, a style that applies the techniques of Impressionist masters like Claude Monet to the modern American landscape.

Elliott's canvases overflow with flowers, capturing the beauty of winding gardens, vine-covered arches and scenic paths that wind through the Connecticut countryside. Like the Impressionists, Elliott explores the mysterious connection between color and light, invoking a wide palette of colors to capture the distinctive light  and beauty of New England. Elliott's work has been included in a number of distinguished private and public art collections. Over the years, her work has appeared on greeting cards, holiday cards and catalogue covers.