Thursday, September 27, 2012

BURLINGTON: Abby Meaker's Photography at Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace

The Unseen, featuring black & white and color photography by Abbey Meaker will be on exhibit at Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace.
Reception: First Friday, October, 5 - 8 pm
On Exhibit: October 5 through 30, 2012

Los Angeles film critic and poet Dreux Moreland describes Abbey Meaker’s photography in this way:
“There is a scene in Chris Marker's 1962 film, La Jetee, in which a woman, after a remarkable dissection of cross-dissolves, suddenly comes alive: staring into the hollow face of the camera, the future of love blinks her eyes. After twenty minutes of still photographs and auditory association, the moment is nothing short of revelation. Abbey Meaker's photographic work is an evocative touchstone of the same variety. Like the coma victim who exists in solipsism, a state of perpetual twilight, faintly working memories like rosary beads inside the cathedral of time which is the skull, the photographs tug me to places I have only visited in the gray. A hand lost to fog, a building equally consumed by weeds, by moss, by emulsion, a woman looking for the vanishing traces of youth in a window, the erotic riptide of loss.”

Artist Abbey Meaker grew up in Putney, Vermont and currently resides in Burlington. Abbey has been shooting photos for about ten years, which has culminated in a desire to be challenged as an artist in an academic setting. To this end, she is currently enrolled at Burlington College, pursuing a B.A. in Fine Art, and ultimately an MFA. Abbey also works as the studio manager for sculptor Richard Erdman. Relatively new to exhibiting her work in a public setting, Abbey recently was part of an exhibition at Furchgott Sourdiffe in Shelburne, Vermont and has previously shown her work at Piazzo Barsanti in Pietrasanta, Italy. Abbey’s writing and photography has been featured in numerous online publications, including Nighthawks, Orphanwork, Tourist Zine, Pas un Autre, Hillbilly Magazine and more.

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Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace
180 Flynn Avenue
Burlington, VT
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10am to 5pm / Sunday, 12pm to 4pm.

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