Thursday, October 18, 2012

UPPER VALLEY: "By Hand: Two Rivers Printmakers, an exhibition of prints by Artist Members"

Ledyard Gallery in the Howe Library  
September 29 through October 31, 2012

Printmaking by its nature has historically been a cooperative experience. Artists with little printmaking experience have worked with master printers to make prints. Because the facilities required to make an etching or a lithograph are often large and expensive, printmakers turn to cooperative studios to create their images.

For over a decade Two Rivers Printmaking Studio has been providing a space for printmakers to create fine art prints in a well-equipped light-filled studio. Artists, both experienced and novice, have learned the technical aspects of etching, lithography, solar plate, and relief printmaking through workshops and from fellow members. Every month our artist members have the opportunity to show work in our gallery space. Several times a year our members show work in prestigious exhibition spaces throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.

A variety of techniques are on display in this exhibition including intaglio printmaking—etching, aquatint, mezzotint and drypoint, relief prints with wood and linoleum, stencils, and monotypes. All of these prints were printed by the artist by hand.

Howe Library
13 South Street
Hanover, NH