Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CALL TO ARTISTS: Hartness Library at VTC seeks artists

The Hartness Library is seeking artists. The Hartness Library is located at Vermont Technical College in Randolph Center. We have a small gallery space available and are interested in featuring the work of Vermont artists. We are currently looking for exhibits to begin in August 2013 and after.

Artists wishing to exhibit their work in the gallery should submit examples of their work in either of the following ways:
Hartness Library
Email to library@vtc.edu or mail a cd or flash drive to:

Hartness Library
Vermont Technical College
1 Main Street
Randolph Center, VT  05061

Policies of the Hartness Library Gallery: (more detailed policies will be sent upon request)

1. Four weeks prior to the opening of an exhibition, the lender/artist must submit an artist’s statement, resume and two images for publicity purposes.

2. Two weeks prior to the opening, the lender/artist must submit a list of titles and estimated dollar value of the item(s) to be displayed (see the Exhibition List form). All paperwork must be filed prior to the arrival of the item(s) of art. A title submitted with an excessive value may be excluded from the exhibition at the discretion of the Library Director.

3. The artist is responsible for installation unless otherwise arranged and agreed upon. All artwork must be hung by wire from the steel hanging rack. Artwork or signage may not be taped to walls or wood surfaces. If tape is needed for labels, it must be of the removable variety. The gallery must be left in the condition it was found in. 

4. The library will handle the following publicity for the exhibitions; write press releases for the local newspaper, produce and post flyers for the campus community, post an announcement on the college’s website and information will be published in campus media materials. Announcements and information concerning upcoming exhibits will be sent to the local media and to the appropriate community calendars or gallery listings. A personal postcard or invitation is the responsibility of the individual lender/artist.

5. Opening events are encouraged, but not required.

For more information, please contact the library at: library@vtc.edu or 802-728-1237