Monday, March 25, 2013

ESSEX JUNCTION: "Skin" at Darkroom Gallery


Exhibition Opens: April 4, 2013
Artists' Reception: 4/21/13 5:30PM
Juror: Allen Birnbach

The undulating landscape of the human form is one of the most variable in nature. With so many sizes, shapes, textures, and tones, our subject matter is endlessly inspiring. How we see, interpret, re-define, and then represent the figure in our photographic work is as diverse as the individuals we celebrate. 

Director's Choice "Nude 020" by Peter Bajzek
Director's Choice "Nude 020" by Peter Bajzek
Juror's Statement:

My first impression as I did my quick overview was the breadth of styles in the submissions.  And the high level of technique brought to bear in the images.  The result was several extended editing sessions poring over the concepts and great craft participants exhibited in their work.  In the end it was difficult to narrow the field down to a cohesive show, and I felt honored to have been involved in the judging.

Notable was what was not included.  Interesting diptychs, tributes to Kertesz, Mondrian and Japanese printmaking, wonderful self-portraits and playful juxtaposition of the figure in unique environments.  In the end, many well-conceived images were not included because they fell short in composition or technique but the creative process behind the work was truly impressive. Congratulations to all who submitted. - Allen Birnbach

(Allen selected five "Honorable Mention" images, but he didn't feel comfortable choosing a "Juror's Choice" overall. We selected a "Director's Choice" from those five images. Congrats to Peter Bajzek!)