Friday, April 5, 2013

MONTPELIER: Robert Gold "Embracing Change" at Spotlight Gallery

NYC Street by Robert Gold
Opening Reception: April 5, 2013
3 to 7 pm with food and music!
Exhibit continues through April 27, 2013

Robert Gold

Robert Gold is a lifelong artist who suffered a traumatic brain injury that has changed his style. Vibrant images and strong patterns illustrate his pursuit of digital impressionism in urban and country scenes that are sometimes embellished with acrylic. 
Robert Gold was a dentist for twenty-five years, but always found himself returning to art. He experimented with jewelry and image capture. But it wasn’t until his traumatic brain injury and he lost the ability to work at his trade that he embraced art as a career. His initial progress was slow as he learned to live again. His love of art returned with a passion and his work shifted from black and white, when he was a dentist, to vibrant colors and the examination of the beauty of his immediate surroundings. He wants to share the beauty that he finds in his everyday life, knowing now that he doesn’t need to travel great distances in pursuit of something that is already at home.

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