Monday, June 14, 2010

REVIEW: Darshana Bolt at Nectar’s in Burlington

by Darby Laine Parsons

Works by Darshana Bolt are on view at Nectar’s through the month of June. Darshana describes her intent in painting as creating “juxtapositions that can truly terrify or exhilarate the viewer.” Often using the human form as her starting point Darshana’s paintings move quickly into multi-colored light waves of energy or thought patterns. The abstraction effect is done in earth tones that blend and meld into brighter hues to over ride any sense of disconnection; the energy forms created by the human forms are just as relevant and meaningful a subject to our artist. Darshana quotes Walt Whitman to explain her process; “I sing the body electric”.
Darshana’s works are colorful and psychedelic with a strong deference to grace and form. The mostly untitled paintings move from a few darker pieces to one that recalls Jimi Hendrix composing perhaps, and a very light and bright cherry pie painting.
The current collection is an eclectic and fun ramble through various subject matters fitting such a casual venue as Nectars. Darshana is a young and very active Burlington artist; be sure to get to know her work in this early stage of her career. Works by Darshana Bolt are on view at Nectar’s throughout June.