Saturday, January 15, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: “An Exhibit of Their Own” at the Chaffee in Rutland

The Chaffee Art Center’s latest exhibit is titled “An Exhibit of Their Own: 6 Featured Women Artists”. Each artist’s work is hung in its own gallery at the Chaffee, showcasing the artist’s unique style and use of medium.

Tiffany Torre, Cameron Schmitz, Claudette Enman, Josephine Habeski, Georgina Forbes and Carrie Bagalio, all from different towns in Vermont, are the women whose artwork graces the walls of the Chaffee. These women have found ways to include painting, drawing and sculpting in their daily lives and to excel at their craft.

No easy task, as Cameron Schmitz will discuss when she hosts an artist talk on Sat., Feb. 5, at 2 PM followed by a screening of the documentary, Who Does She Think She Is? at 3 PM. Many of us can name famous male artists, but how many female artists can you name? This exhibit honors the female artists’ ability to connect with each of us through artwork that is colorful and quiet, obvious and thought provoking, simple and awe-inspiring.

The exhibit runs from Jan.14 through Feb.13. All pieces are for sale. For more information about this exhibit and the Chaffee Art Center, contact Mary Mitiguy, Executive Director, at 775-0356 or

Top: Carrie Bagalio, Popcorn
Bottom: Tiffany Torre, Decorative Details: Wave