Monday, February 14, 2011

CALL TO ARTISTS: Care Canvas in Montpelier

After potentially $44 million in Human Services state budget cuts, how will we care for our most vulnerable Vermonters?

REACH Care Bank & The City of Montpelier are sponsoring a Care Canvas Art Sale inspired by the theme "Who Cares?"

REACH Care Bank has 125 small 4"x4" canvases to give out to individuals who are inspired to create a work in any medium to donate to the cause. Works may be displayed, reproduced, and used by the Care Bank as cards, magnets, posters, bookmarks, etc. to raise funds for the support of REACH, a grassroots health and wellness network of volunteers using time as currency.

Similar to Time Banking, Care Banking is an innovative way to support people who want to stay living at home, who need basic support services, and are also willing to give back to the network for each hour of service they receive. More and more neighbors who haven't met yet are learning how to care for each other, and joining the Care Bank, which gives structure to this natural process.

Consider the following for inspiration:

Who cares for you?
Who or what do you care about?
What does "caring for someone" look like? Feel like?
How do you show you care?
How do you know you're cared about?

Free canvases are available at REACH Care Bank, on 138 Main St. Suite 6 in downtown Montpelier (in the red brick Victorian directly across from Trinity Church). Canvases may also be mailed to interested parties.

Canvases are due back to REACH by March 15th. Look for them on sale during the Green Mountain Film Festival! Members of the Care Bank who participate may earn a free ticket to the Festival!

Open Art Studio Session this Thursday 5-7pm at REACH -- canvases & supplies available for all to come and create.

For more information, please contact Rachael Rice:, 802-229-4427 (cell), 802-262-6043 (office).

For more about REACH Care Bank, please visit our website:

Thank you!