Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PRESS RELEASE: Recent Paintings of Dan Gottsegen

Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery of Shelburne, will be showing "Recent Paintings of Dan Gottsegen" May 1-June 9, 2009.

Gottsegen, who resides in Woodstock, VT, has a long history of working in and studying the natural environment that is strongly reflected in his paintings. Many of the recent oils, while retaining elements of realism in the landscape, are conceived as collages of juxtaposed images to better represent the physical and spiritual explorations that are involved in their conception.

"Much of my earlier painting emerged from my work for over a decade trapping, banding, measuring, and releasing hawks in California to study their migration patterns. My involvement in this study was born out of many strange and intense encounters with owls and hawks that I had been having for years. My work was also influenced by week or longer, completely solitary hikes that I took far into the wilderness of the high Sierra, traveling miles off marked trails, camping and painting alone above ten-thous

and feet (something I have always done).

... I am interested in the tension and duality between our romantic conceptions of nature and the reality of the potential environmental calamities we are facing. I seek to embody this tension in my work by the use of technology (video that I shoot) to derive image sources, or in recent work (the “Die Wanderungen” series) by juxtaposing images.

My recent work is inspired by my return to the Northeast after living for twenty years in Northern California. It varies from smaller (8 x 10 inches), more abstract pieces to larger (80 x 72 inches) paintings....

Working is for me a physical and even a spiritual exploration. It is improvisatory and often revelatory."

Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery is located at 86 Falls Road,in Shelburne

Village. Hours are Tue-Fri 9:30-5:30, and Sat 10-5. For more information

please call Joan Furchgott, 802-985-3848, or go to

ABOVE RIGHT: "Walking", oil, 38" x 38" 

ABOVE: "Season Suite", oil, 59" x 65"