Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have been experimenting a little in my studio but until I am back in remission and get my energy back I can’t really get into any big projects. I do feel like I am getting better every day but it is a slow process. So I was grateful for a fun little project that came along called “Love letters to Obama”. It was brought to my attention on Facebook by my friend Delia Robinson.

My Obama Valentine was of course a silk painting. It is the statue of Liberty holding up a heart torch and a book of poems titled “To Obama with Love”. She is sitting upon rough seas and a darkened city is behind her. The painting represents Obama standing strong and helping us to navigate these st

ormy seas.

Love Letters to Obama was started by Vermont artist Callie Thompson as a way for people to show Obama their support for all he has done. The description Callie has posted in the information section of the projects Facebook page says:

We were there to help him get elected, now we need to step up and send him some love throughout his presidency!

Americans complained about Bush for eight years, now we've continued the same un-empowering, unhelpful cycle of complaining as soon as we feel that a leader is not doing exactly what each of us personally thinks they should have done by now. The truth is, the man needs some support. We worked together, in every grassroots method possible, to get Obama elected.

Now we need to keep up the support and honor his work as he fulfills the mandate we gave him.

Get involved again! In honor of this, for Valentine's Day, send a Valentine to Obama. Let's tell him we're still here to help. If your Valentine is particularly rad, put a photo of it up here.

Send the man some love:

President Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

And send them they did! Everyday there are new works of art posted on the page by Vermont artists who are creating Valentines and mailing them to Obama to show him their support. Like Callie says ”Get involved again! Send the man some love.”

Link to the Love Letters to Obama page on FB:

Link to an article published in Seven Days about the project:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Linda Marcille

Crow House Studio