Friday, February 5, 2010

INTERVIEW/Press Release: Vermont Fine Art Gallery "10th Anniversary Winter Show”

Interview with gallery owner/artist Elisabeth Wooden-Prior

by Writer/Editor Dawn Abraham:

*Question- What were some of your first thoughts at the realization of Vermont Fine Art Gallery’s 10th Year Anniversary?

Elisabeth- “Time has passed so quickly & through some unprecedented events in history, & we’re still here!”

*Question- Are there artists who have been with you the entire time?

Elisabeth- “There have been and to name a few Bob Aiken, Carolyn Walton, Gary Eckhart & Peter Miller. We have also celebrated as our gallery artists have won national awards & international recognition & publication, including Vermont artists Gary Eckhart, Skye Forest & most recently Mark Boedges.”

*Question- What are some of the gallery highlights of the last 10 years?

Elisabeth- “I am proud of the art scholarships we did with Vermont State Colleges. Occasionally several of the artists, my son & I reminisce about the fun of exhibiting at Art Expo in New York City. There is also much excitement about our exhibits at the mountain. There has even been some romance, one of my sculptors is now engaged to my close friend.”

*Question- What are some things you remember that people have said about your gallery?

Elisabeth- “My customers often compliment the diversity & quality of the artwork, how much they enjoy the atmosphere & affability during their visits and that it is their favorite. It is not uncommon for there to be an artist painting right on site here in the gallery, clients love the opportunity it affords to meet the artist; and, take in some of the culture of Vermont.”

*Question- And some last words?

Elisabeth- “Inspiration; being blessed with the opportunity to live the passion of art in such a beautiful place as Stowe. Serendipity; how we got this far with the gallery, Perseverance & Faith; how we live and look to the future. And then a Prediction; it is time for something new in the art world, a changing of the avant-guard, so to speak!“

Join the celebration, of Vermont Fine Art Gallery's "10th Year Anniversary Winter Show" & soiree. Saturday Feb. 13th, 2010 5-7pm. Featuring the group show of the season, with exciting new works of art, including gallery artists: Mark Boedges, Bob Aiken, Gary Eckhart, Meryl Lebowitz, David Tanych, Michael McGovern, Tom Torak, Peter Miller, Skye Forest, Jeff Clarke, Jack Sabon, Jane Ashley, Lisa Angell, Blake Larsen, Frank Califano, Bob Carsten, Allen Dwight, Suzanne Clark, Carolyn Walton, Joshua Lucier & owner artist Elisabeth Wooden-Prior.

Meet the artists, enjoy hors d'oeuvres & live music with singer Taryne Noelle, Chris Peterman on the saxophone and keyboardist Dan Skea.

Vermont Fine Art Gallery

1880 Mountain Rd. #3 Stowe Vt. 802-253-9653

"10th Anniversary Winter Show”

Celebrating 10 years with feature & group shows through the season -

IMAGE: 'Mt Mansfield Snow' original oil by Mark Boedges