Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Press Release: Zoë Barracano in Montpelier

Hanna Satterlee

WHO: Zoë Barracano, photographer & Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio
WHAT: Photographs NYC Rainy Day and Dance Performance
WHERE: Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio, 18 Langdon Street, Montpelier
WHEN: November Through end of December
WHY: Dance meets photographs in motion

Interim artistic director, Hanna Satterlee brings a cosmopolitan new flavor to the Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio by inviting artists to show their work on the walls of the studio foyer. This year the studio has hosted works by Burlington based photographer Zoë Barracano. Currently on display is Barracano’s “NYC Rainy Day,” which can be seen now through the end of December.

In “NYC Rainy Day,” another side of New York is revealed through the blur of motion in the rain as the photographer travels Broadway from Times Square to Houston Street. The photos are painterly, vibrant and full of color, drawing a fresh perspective on Manhattan.

The current exhibition is a perfect match, blending the blurred motion from the photographs with the clear movement of live dance.

Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio is located on 18 Langdon Street in the heart of downtown Montpelier. A great time to see the new artwork, and what is going on in the Vermont Dance scene, would be at the next DANCE SHOW! On December 11th at 7pm, in the big studio (3rd floor, 18 Langdon Street).

Zoë Barracano has had previous shows in New York and Los Angeles and has published photographs in newspapers including the Los Angeles Times and the New York Sun. To see her photographs visit zoephoto.com. The next display at the Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio will be Barracano's "CUBA" to be presented at the beginning of January.

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