Monday, May 9, 2011

Press Release: The Lost Nation Gallery, Montpelier

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Lost Nation Theater unveils a new Lobby Gallery Space for their 2011 Season featuring the work of their award-winning Designers and Scenic Artists.

About the Gallery at Lost Nation

An actor – the most visible artist to a theatergoer – will often work in a variety media – think improv or musicals or the like. In much the same way, other less-celebrated members of a production team work in a variety of media – think set designers as painters, technicians as sculptors, marketers as photographers.

The Lost Nation Gallery was created this spring to bring light to this "other side" of our artist family and celebrate the visual artists who have contributed to the longevity of Lost Nation. The Gallery will be open Thursdays through Sundays 1.5 hours before each production time, now through October 23, 2011. Visit the LNT website at for production times, or call 802-229-0492 to arrange a special viewing by appointment.

Currently Showing

"More Alike" - Pairings from three cultures to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publication of Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird.

Media: iPhoneography

Artists: Robyn Osiecki and Alan Kastner

What is iPhoneography?

iPhoneography is an approach to the art of photography that - as with all prior forms - embraces new tools and techniques as part of the creative quest. This emergent medium challenges the artist to use the iPhone as the sole tool for capturing, processing, and publishing photographs.

There is something inspiring about shooting with a simple fixed lens and few physical controls, all on a device that fits in the pocket and serves a wide variety of other purposes. One also discovers the highly personal aspect of doing all the editing in the palm of their hand. It is an intimate and highly satisfying journey that in many ways transcends the darkroom or Photoshop experience. Add the simplicity and the social aspects of posting from the same device, and this all-in-one package for capturing, processing and publishing makes the iPhone a compelling platform.

About the Artists:

Robyn Osiecki (unruly-e)

Robyn’s formal studies cover a breadth of disciplines and media. The works in this show are exclusively iPhoneography.

Robyn is currently participating in the juried P1XELS show at OCCCA in Orange County, California and the Arty Gallery in Los Angeles, California. The artist has been featured at iPhoneart; has had several works chosen for accolades at Eye’em, LifeInLofi, PixelsAtAnExhibition, and fotoigriPhone; teaches advanced iphoneography techniques at iPhoneCentral, and will appear shortly as the featured artist on iPhonogenic.

Robyn assists local artists and arts organizations with a variety of projects, including the recent installation of a wifi network for

the Barre Opera House, and spearheading the construction of the Gallery at Lost Nation.

Alan Kastner (tabiwallah)

Born just north of here, in Cornwall, Ontario, and raised in Toronto, Alan has lived in Japan for more than 20 years. His formal studies began with photography, before he immersed himself in the world of Japanese art and literature for many years. His life changed after the purchase of an iPhone rekindled his love for photography. Alan currently pursues his craft while working as a freelance writer and translator for leading Japanese ad agencies and production houses.

Alan is currently participating in the juried P1XELS show at OCCCA in Orange County, California and the Arty Gallery in Los Angeles, California. The artist has been featured at iPhoneart; and has had works chosen for accolades at Eye’em, LifeInLofi, and PixelsAtAnExhibition.

The Lost Nation Gallery is located at the Montpelier City Hall Arts Center39 Main Street, Montpelier, VT and will be open one and a half hours before performance times, Thursdays through Sundays during the remainder of the season. Please check their web site – www.lostnationtheater.orgfor show times – or call 802-229-0492 to arrange a special viewing.

Schedule of Gallery Exhibitions at Lost Nation Schedule for 2011

Now Showing - "More Alike"; iPhoneography by Robyn Osiecki and Alan Kastner

June 2-19 - iPhoneography by Robyn Osiecki

June 30-July 17 - painting by set & lighting deigner, Clay Coyle

July 28-Aug 14 - Mixed media by set designer and scenic painter, Donna Stafford

Sept 8-Sept 25 - sculpture by special constructionist, Mark Roberts

Oct 6-Oct 23 - mixed media by Clay Coyle

image titles are "Merchant Street - Barre, VT" by Osiecki and "Minnows" by Kastner.