Saturday, May 21, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Susan Russell Retrospective at Studio Place Arts (SPA) in Barre

A wide-ranging show of works by the late Susan M. Russell of Calais is on display at Studio Place Arts (SPA) in Barre through June 4. Creatively displayed in the second and third floor galleries at SPA, the show includes a mix of textured, acrylic paintings in earth-toned palettes, textile art embellished with threads, beads and buttons, fiber-based sculpture, and colored pencil drawings. There are more than 140 abstracted works on the walls of these spaces, which are grouped by color and feeling.

Susan’s sensitively layered paintings connected past to present and looked forward via several distinct series: Transportals, Aerial View, Earth’s Carpet, and Arches. Her colored pencil drawings were carefully mapped out mandalas, a Buddhist tradition that she taught at SPA years ago.

Though preferring her viewing audience to rely on instinctual feelings, and not words, Susan externalized her artistic vision in the following written statement, published on May, 2009.

“Creating art to me is a beautiful and profound dance of seeking the invisible truth within. I find that the internal constructs I see, and then bring forth, are sometimes so darn cool and interesting. My internal view excites me and presses me with passion. I go then to the painting process which demands integrity, clarity of intention and consistent hard work. It can be grueling and commanding to approach a blank canvas and lay down what you know. Likewise, it’s a process/place that lifts me up and truly carries me to another place of astonishment and fulfillment.

I am perpetually ensconced in seeking divine light and truth in my everyday life. Using paint to express my journey is my chosen process and very satisfying. I love color, form and texture and I use these elements to delineate moments of inner life. It’s hard to use descriptive words for my art and I prefer not to try. I do hope though that my images express, communicate and resonate with viewers’ inner life and the way beyond. Enjoy.”

This extensive, vibrant exhibit of Susan M. Russell’s work closes at SPA on Saturday, June 4 with a reception from 2:30-4PM.

Mixed media installation by Susan M. Russell, second floor.
Susan M. Russell dyptich, 308 A & B, acrylic mixed media, second floor