Tuesday, July 12, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Robyn Osiecki at The Gallery Space at Autocraftsmen in Montpelier

The Gallery Space at Autocraftsmen (326 State Street, Montpelier) is pleased to welcome the emergent media show Where unexpected rises from ordinary - iPhoneography from Central and Northern Vermont, developed by Middlesex artist Robyn Osiecki.

The show runs now through the end of July, 2011 and is open for viewing during Autocraftsmen's normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8am-5:30 pm.

Robyn’s formal studies cover a breadth of disciplines and media. The works you see in this show are exclusively iPhoneography, an approach to the art of photography that - as with all prior forms - embraces new tools and techniques as part of the creative quest. This emergent medium challenges the artist to use the iPhone as the sole tool for capturing, processing, and publishing photographs.

There is something inspiring about shooting with a simple fixed lens and few physical controls, all on a device that fits in the pocket and serves a wide variety of other purposes. One also discovers the highly personal aspect of doing all the editing in the palm of the hand. It is an intimate and highly satisfying journey that in many ways transcends the darkroom or Photoshop experience. Add the simplicity and the social aspects of posting from the same device, and this all-in-one package for capturing, processing and publishing makes the iPhone a compelling platform.

Robyn is currently participating in the juried P1XELS show at OCCCA in Orange County, California and the Arty Gallery in Los Angeles, California, as well as the current show "Food" as the MMS gallery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The artist has been featured at iPhoneart; has had several works chosen for accolades at Eye’em, LifeInLofi, PixelsAtAnExhibition, and fotoigriPhone; teaches advanced iphoneography techniques at iPhoneographyCentral; and is currently a featured artist at iPhoneogenic.

You can see more of the artist’s work at unruly-e.com; contact the artist at info@unruly-e.com

Storming the Tower; Velco Power SubStation; Berlin
; taken and processed completely edited on an iPhone)
Ice Out; Wrightsville Reservoir; East Montpelier; taken and completely edited on an iPhone)

If you have any questions about the space or the wonderful opportunity created by this local small business, please contact Amy Mattinat at Autocraftsmen (amy@autocraftsmen.com). Questions about the artwork should go to robyn@unruly-e.com.