Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WAITSFIELD: Mareva Millarc paintings at Festival Gallery

Continuum by Mareva Millarc
In “Continuum” the contrasting dark blues and teals draw you deep into the painting while the bright orange shapes and paint strokes burst from the canvas. There is movement within the painting that carefully leads the eye through the work. In “Instrumental” the curves of the painted lines clearly imply a stringed instrument. Set against a pale cream, the careful placement of linear pattern is juxtaposed against bolder, geometric shapes. “As you move through the gallery, your eye jumps from painting to painting,” says Karen Nevin, Executive Director of the Valley Arts Foundation. “A splash of color, a bold line or an interesting shape reaches out to you and begs you to spend time with each work.”

Instrumental by Mareva Millarc
Millarc uses the word “zeal” to describe the feeling she has when she is painting. “Abstract art provides the opportunity to express myself and focus on the mood,” says Millarc. “Letting the momentary energy flow into vibrant lines, shapes and intricacies is all part of my artistic voice.”  Millarc has schooled herself in the works of Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Nicholas de Stael, Edward Betts and William Millarc, her father and an abstract artist. “I know what art means to me. I release the images in my heart with the simple stroke of the brush against canvas… and thus, my journey begins.”

"Expressions" runs through June 7th at the Festival Gallery. The public is invited to a Closing Reception with the artist on the evening of Friday, June 7. The Festival Gallery is located at #2 Village Square, Waitsfield next to the Tempest Book Store. For more information call 802-496-6682 or go to

The Festival Gallery
#2 Village Square (next to the Tempest Book Store)
Waitsfield, VT
(802) 496-6682
Hours:  Tuesday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm,
Saturday 10 am – 3 pm, or  Call for appointment.

"Instrumental" by Mareva Millarc
"Continuum" by Mareva Millarc
On Exhibit: April 19 through June 7, 2013

The Festival Gallery in Waitsfield, Vermont presents Expressions, a show of the abstract expressionistic paintings of artist Mareva Millarc.

Mareva Millarc, of Middleton Springs, Vt., has been painting professionally since 2007. Her creative, vivacious works of art depict countless imaginary journeys in a colorful, abstract form. The purposefully designed play of complementary colors create vibrancy and visual stimulation. Large splashes of warm and vibrant primary colors are balanced against points of intense cool color. A self-taught artist, Millarc uses bold line-work, organic shapes and vibrant colors to highlight the multiple layer designs found in her work.