Friday, May 3, 2013

WHITE RIVER: Elinor Randall's Monoprints at Two Rivers Printmaking

Opening reception:  First Friday, May 3, 5-8 pm | Artist's talk at 6 pm

Monoprints by Elinor Randall

TRPS Randy
Tilting: Molly Keane's Sliding World
Opening reception: First Friday, May 3

Artist's talk at 6:00pm

Exhibition runs through May 31, 2013
This exhibition of monoprints by Elinor Randall, celebrates the life and work of Molly Keane, a 20th century Anglo-Irish playwright and novelist. She began writing in the middle of the Downton Abbey days, satirizing the horse-and-hound set - and had to publish under a pen name in order to safely skewer her neighbors. She stopped writing for 30 plus years, stunned by the early death of her husband, then began again in her last decade and a half. And she finally was able to write under her own name. (She was short-listed for a Booker Prize in 1981.) Keane saw the stratifications of her world breaking up -"tilting" as in Randy's title, and Randy sees a parallel tilting in her own world.
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