Monday, June 3, 2013

MONTPELIER: Mark Goodwin at VT Arts Council

In the Spotlight Gallery
through June 2013

Mark Goodwin's work is an investigation of drawing that hovers between painting and sculpture. Through a series of folds, scores, and mark making, he creates enigmatic work. This exhibit is now on display in the Spotlight Gallery through the end of June 2013. All of the pieces on display are for sale.

Mark Goodwin is known for works on paper, sculpture, and paintings. The drawings and paintings, the visual objects, by Goodwin are enigmatic and beautiful. Based on process and investigation, and on skill, material, and chance, they have a sculptural and poetic sensibility.

To begin with, folds and marks are imprinted from the back into the flat surface of a paper or canvas. An initial topography is created which, when the work is turned over, is further explored and developed with paint applied to the surface.

As the work takes form, the image is repeatedly scraped and sanded, erased and revealed, as new layers of paint are applied, and new marks are imprinted from behind.

Goodwin's work exudes a strong sense of presence and asks for the viewer’s participation. The work seduces the eyes, while offering up clues for speculation.

Goodwin is the recipient of a PEW Fellowship in the Arts, a Mid-Atlantic/NEA Regional Fellowship, a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Visual Arts Fellowship, and an Artist's Residency at La Napoule Art Foundation. He has a B.F.A. from the University of Kansas, and did graduate studies in the Program for Artisanry at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. His work is represented by Big Town Gallery in Rochester, Vt.

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