Monday, June 3, 2013


Darkroom Gallery
12 Main St., Essex JunctionVT

"City" Call for Submissions:

DEADLINE: June 26th, 2013 Midnight EST Juror: Stephen Perloff
Uptown, downtown, urban spaces, public places and the life that inhabits them!

Nothing in the city is stopping, nothing is slow. There's never a moment of silence, never a moment alone. Horns honking, people talking, vendors yelling, children laughing, trains running, doors opening and doors closing. The city has a beat, a rhythm, a constant ebb and flow. Strangers brushing shoulders, lovers holding hands, catch it all in an instant. Because in an instant it will be gone. All except the buildings. The stoic silence of these structures, juxtaposes all the life. Distinct architecture, setting the scene, a beauty so quiet in a sea of so much noise. Each brick tells a story, every street, bridge and tunnel oh so pertinent. They are characters in this play of city life.
Darkroom Gallery
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