Monday, January 6, 2014

MONTPELIER: Kim Ward & Terri Knee at Green Bean Visual Arts Gallery

"Shared Landscape” Multi-media and Photography
December 29 – January 31, 2014

Green Bean Visual Art Gallery @ Capitol Grounds
Montpelier, VT

by Kim Ward
Kim Ward, a multimedia artist and Terri Kneen, a photographer combine similar visions through their individualized varied compositions in the exhibit “Shared Landscape.” Kim’s images depict iconic figures and events occupying both inner & outer landscapes.  She has included her initial sketches juxtaposed with her completed projects as a glimpse into the inner workings an artist undertakes. 
Finesse - photo by Terri Kneen
Terri Kneen captures unexpected “treasures” in her not-so wild nature photographs.  She records small moments in the large world that surrounds her “walks.”