Monday, January 6, 2014

TUNBRIDGE: Photographer Alec Frost solo exhibit

The solo show “Houses, Barns and Bridges of Tunbridge” by Tunbridge, Vt., photographer Alec Frost will be on display at the Tunbridge Public Library from January 17 to March 17, 2014.

An opening reception will be held on Sunday, January 19, from 2-4 p.m. Tunbridge Historical Society President Euclid Farnham is to speak about several of the photographs. The public is invited.
Falls Hill Road, Bortugno Farm - photograph by Alec Frost

Alec Frost is a retired architect with a longtime interest in traditional houses and barns. He and his wife have been part-time residents of Tunbridge for more than forty years. Alec's renovations of old buildings reflect his interest in retaining the integrity of those structures in the course of change and modernization. Alec holds a degree in architecture from Columbia University. He worked for many years in the Hartford, Conn., area as a partner in the firm of Moore and Salsbury, designing institutional buildings such as libraries, hospitals and schools as well as residences. Upon the retirement of his partners he continued in his own firm for many years.

Alec's early photographic work included portraits particularly of children and landscapes, working mostly in black and white with favorite Leica and Rolleiflex cameras and developing his own film. As he moved to digital cameras he maintained his direct approach, relying on his trained eye. He does not work with programs such as Photoshop. His photos of barns have been included in “Historic Barns of Connecticut,” a registry assembled by the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation as testimony to those structures as farms go out of business and building disappear due to disuse and neglect. In recent years the historical societies of both Tunbridge and Cornwall, Conn., have issued calendars of his photos of houses, barns and bridges.

Cilley Bridge 1883, photo by Alec Frost
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