Saturday, March 27, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Margo Russell and Ellsworth Westnoy at Vermont Agency on Human Services lobby in Morrisville

Art in found public spaces usually gets to be seen next to everyday stuff, which is a distraction but also a context. In this case, the everyday that it is next to adds to the art. Perhaps because of the distractions and the fact it is not really a gallery, it takes more than one viewing to see the value of the art installed at the Vermont Agency on Human Services lobby on Professional Drive in Morrisville.

Visitors to this public building will find landscapes by Margo Russell and painted and decorated hubcaps by Ellsworth Westnoy. They are both self-taught artists who have worked with Sam Thurston at Out and About, a day services facility for the elderly and disabled in Morrisville.

Top: Hubcap by Ellsworth Westnoy
Bottom: Landscape by Margo Russell