Monday, March 22, 2010

WALKABOUT: Art in Bob's Sunoco in Montpelier

This may be a good time to remind readers about WALKABOUT articles for Vermont Art Zine. The idea is to take a camera with you as you do an Art Walk, visit a new town, or find yourself unexpectedly in a place where art is being shown. Let us see it through your eyes! Send us a photo, share your impressions, and take us with you. -- Editor

By Theodore A. Hoppe

Anyone in the surrounding areas of the capitol city of Montpelier who's needed a jump start or their auto towed is probably familiar with the famous blue and yellow landmark known as "Bob's Sunoco." What, you might ask, does a refueling station, where they still repair cars, have to do with art? Well, if you ask multitalented artist Michael T. Jermyn, he'll tell you it's the perfect place to show photography.

There, amid a stack of replacement car batteries and in the reflection of the Pepsi sign, Michael has a small exhibition of seven well-framed photographs: a snow scene of a lonely naked tree, a colorful barn scene with glorious autumn foliage, a beautiful photograph of an unfrozen river winding its way through some snow-laden birch trees and four others.

About a year ago Vermont Art Zine featured some opinions about "art in non-traditional venues." Artist Colleen McLaughlin observed at the time, "I...appreciate those 'non-traditional venues' that recognize and value the role of art in society." and added, "I PREFER art in common places." Folks that have spent time on the sofa at Bob's while waiting to have a tire changed will find it hard to disagree with Colleen.