Sunday, January 1, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Robert Gold and Tami Crupi Zeman at Ilsley Library in Middlebury

Portraits: Different Points of View

Work by Dr. Robert Gold and Tami Crupi Zeman
Ilsley Library, Middlebury
January 3-29, 2012
Opening reception January 8th from 2-4pm.

Portraits: Different Points of View is about two photographers who use very different styles working in different mediums but showing similar subject matter.

Tami Crupi Zeman and Robert Gold met in 2009 while neighbors sharing a porch. They became friends because of their mutual interests in being artists and eventually shared a studio together. Tami uses a film camera and works in Black and White photography while Dr. Gold digitally manipulates his photographs and enhances them with acrylic paint.

The two have also collaborated on portraits. Tami would often borrow Dr. Gold's digital camera and leave photographs on it for Dr. Gold to manipulate.

Tami Crupi Zeman has a Master's degree in fine art and Dr. Gold has been self taught for the past 50 years. Dr. Gold feels his work has grown because of the interaction between the two artists while Tami feels Dr. Gold's productivity encourages her to produce and create more work.

When Tami and her husband Bruce moved there was a lapse in Tami and Dr. Gold's collaboration and it has recently been rejuvenated by the show. Portraits: Different Points of View evolved from this recent collaboration, the juxtaposition of Tami's black and white photographs with Dr. Gold's digitally manipulated, acrylic enhanced photographs.

Dr.Robert Gold lives in Middlebury and Tami Crupi Zeman resides in New Haven, Vermont. Artist websites at and

Images: Top: Tami Crupi Zeman, Now What; Bottom: Robert A. Gold, Self Portrait