Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PERFORMANCE: Kate Donnelly

Kate Donnelly has been doing an amazing performance piece in Burlington for the past two weeks. Her performance will only continue through this Friday, so try to catch her on the few days left. According to her original plans, during these last days she should be found between 7:45 and 8:15 "north along Pine Street, and finally east along Birchcliff Parkway."

Her original press release, which we somehow failed to print, stated:

Also There: A Performance for the Commuter, a new performance art piece by Burlington artist Kate Donnelly will commence on Monday February 6th beginning at 7:45 each weekday and continue for the next several weeks.

Weekday commuters during those days will witness a lone white figure gradually transition each day as they transition from from home to work. Donnelly offers the work as a reminder in the power of transition, both as deliberate and as inevitable forces in our lives. “We take comfort in titles, certainties, tangible outcomes,” Donnelly states. “In all that we take for certain, that is serious, secure, dependable, I wish to remind the audience of the absurd and unpredictable,to remind them to notice the anomalies and embrace adventure.”

Donnelly’s performance will take place along sidewalks during the peak rush hour times of 7:45 and 8:15 AM. Beginning at Birchcliff Parkway, the route will take Donnelly south along Shelburne Road, west along Home Avenue, north along Pine Street, and finally east along Birchcliff Parkway.

These are images from her weblog showing how she looked in the beginning, and how her (feathers?) grew as the days went along.

For additional information visit her weblog or email

Kate writes: “I’ve been called many things: Abominable Snowman, Zombie, Mummy, Lady Gaga, White Coated Walking Woman, Vampire in a Sunproof Suit, Padded Albino version of Rubber Man, White Lady, Mrs. Peppermint, Creepy, and my favorite so far, Person with the Quilt/Blanket Garbage Bag Outfit.”