Friday, February 17, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: New Work at Chow Bella in St. Albans

Chow Bella restaurant and Twiggs @ Chow Bella, located at 28 North Main St. in St. Albans, is proud to be rotating artists’ work with the help of St. Albans artist, Karen Day-Vath, who acts as curator for the restaurant. Her primary focus will be scouting potential artists from the community and organizing the restaurant’s art gallery.

Karen’s art was featured from October through the New Year and she has since moved her pieces over to Twiggs @ Chow Bella to make room for two new and very talented artists, Tinka Theresa Martell and Longina Smolinski; whose work is now on display at both Chow Bella restaurant and Twiggs @ Chow Bella.

Both are abstract artists and their style and palette compliment each other’s work.

Tinka Theresa Martell is from Fairfax and has been painting for 20 years. She works with several different types of media; however she enjoys working with small scale collage, in copper and ink. Her large scale works are often three dimensional and her medium varies.

Longina Smolinski , who is a native of Poland has lived in Vermont for over 20 years. She uses bright colors and likes to experiment as she mixes paint until it is a thick paste, working with layers of color and paint, mixing it with wax, and then applying it to canvas, wood, or sculptures.

All three artists will be showing through April and all art work at Chow Bella is for sale.

Images, top to bottom: Karen Day-Vath, Tinka Theresa Martel, and Longina Smolinski