Thursday, June 25, 2009

CALL: Celebtrating the Human Form

Call to Artists:
Celebrate with Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga at Art Hop!
Celebrating the Human Form

We are looking for art that celebrates our humanity and physicality to display in our Art Hop show. All media types are welcome to submit/apply: sculpture and 3D, painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, and anything else you can think of! Being a space that is devoted to human health and wellness, in both mind and body, explorations of related ideas are encouraged.

Guidelines for submission:
Send or drop-off a CD with small JPEG images of your work if it is digital or if you have digital images of your work in other media. Brief artist’s statement suggested.
Include your name, contact information (phone number and e-mail), the type of media your work is by piece, and how many pieces you are submitting. Do not send original artwork.

Send or drop-off to: Jamie Ebert, Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga, 20 Kilburn Street, Burlington, VT 05401 OR Contact Jamie at, or (802) 864-YOGA (802.864.9642) to set up an appointment to view and discuss your work.

If your work is chosen for our show, it is required that you be present at our event during Art Hop. If your work is for sale, you must be available to customers to discuss and sell your work. You must register with SEABA to display your work. You must have a brief artist’s statement to accompany your work during the show.

Deadline for submission: July 15, 2009.