Monday, June 15, 2009

PRESS RELEASE: Rutland's Gallery at the Brick Box

The gallery at the Brick Box is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibit of paintings by Charles Parness. Parness' work has evolved into two forms, 20 inch square self-portraits and larger narrative works. Parness is the subject of all his paintings as he explores his humorous relation to the universe. As he puts it himself, "Who else should be the fool falling out of the boat in "Ship of Fools." Believing that more is better, one experiences more shapes, more actions and more colors which are meant to "reach out and grab, like a vandal."

Parness received his MFA from Pratt Institute in 1969 and has since showedextensively throughout the country including one person exhibits at Fischbach Gallery and G.W. Einstein Gallery in New York City. He has been reviewed in Art in America, Cover, New York Times and American Artist to name a few. Recently, he was a participant in the "As Others See Us" exhibit at the Brattleboro Museum (2008).

The Brick Box is open 11am - 6pm Thursday - Friday and Saturday 10am - 2pm, and during Paramount Theater performances.

For further information, please call Beth Miller at 235-2734, or Wendy Fannin at 235-2412.