Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WALKABOUT: Ethan Azarian Mural in Burlington

On Flynn Avenue, across from Flynndog, there’s a new mural by Ethan Azarian at Upstairs Antiques, east side of the tracks, up on the wall in time to be fresh for Art Hop this weekend.

Ethan is the son of well-known woodcut artist Mary Azarian and “Tom Banjo” Azarian. He was born and raised in Vermont, and now makes his living as a professional artist in Austin, Texas, where he sells his work locally out of his home (the In House Gallery), as well as at restaurants, cafes and galleries. Ethan spends the summers in Vermont with his family, working on art and music.

Ethan's piece is accompanied by a South End Arts District flamingo; stay tuned for many more South End Arts District Signs of Life in the coming days and weeks!