Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Fran Bull at the Calvin Coolidge Library at Castleton State College

August 29 - October 7, 2011

Fran Bull will exhibit a series of drawings executed on a single day in August (8.15.11), utilizing computer scanning and enlarging techniques. The works take up some of the themes that have intrigued her in the course of her career.

The premise of the exhibition is the creation of large-format drawings employing computer tools while preserving a fresh and intuitive sensibility.

Says Bull, “It was an idea I shared with gallery director Bill Ramage back when I showed the Flanders Fields installation. Bill, ever the lover of experiments in art, replied with the movie classic, ‘Let’s put on a show!’ And so, with some trepidation, here it is!”

“The original concept, and one I will still attempt, was to make an entire show in an afternoon utilizing computer technology. I was going to draw on the Wacom tablet, send a file to the photographer and have him greatly enlarge the images. I didn't have the right software in the end, and so made these as small collages instead and had Don Ross enlarge them to about 44" by 34". Each is a photo enlargement mounted on foam core.

The exhibit can be viewed through October 7th , 2011. The library is open daily. Hours are online.