Monday, August 29, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: The Green + Blue Gallery show, Stowe

The Green + Blue Gallery located at 645 South Main Street in the Lower Village of Stowe is proud to announce the opening of a new exhibition entitled “PATTERNS.” This exhibition pulls from Vermont, Chile, Montreal, Germany, New York City and Italy. Artists include Glenn Goldberg, Lucio Pozzi, Maggie Mailer, Leslie Fry, Charles Yoder, William Maxwell, Heidi Spector, Sebastian Mejia, Thaddeus Radell, Matthew Beall, and Cornelia Foss. A variety of mediums including watercolor, oil, acrylic, cast and carved sculpture, photographs and collage are included.

Native New Yorker Glenn Goldberg, a return visiting artist instructor at the Vermont Studio Center, has created a group of work based on abstracted nature. His use of patterning and overlapping textural dots of color provoke one to consider dimensions in space and time. Glenn has exhibited his work in countless exhibitions around the world and at the Knoedler Galleries as part of their stable of artists. He teaches at the Cooper Union in Manhattan.

Currently living in Italy, Lucio Pozzi has been a long-time collaborator of Mia Feroleto. Together, they produced a series of exhibitions and performances at such places as Corporate Headquarters for General Electric, the Chicago International Art Fair and the DIA Center for the Arts. Lucio taught for many years at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Although he is Italian, he is considered by many to be the Joseph Beuys of America. His writings and thinking are so pervasive that his influence is apparent in the contemporary art world in many subtle and not so subtle ways. At SVA, he was the teacher of Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf, both art stars of the 1980’s.

The extensive recent New York Times article on the sculpture of Leslie Fry gives her the praise and attention her work deserves. Leslie has a remarkable way of combining nature through patterning of leaves, acorns, blades of grass and animal forms clearly stating that there is no line of demarcation between humanity and nature. She depicts the goddess earth energy in all its glory but with whimsy and grace. The patterning in her work creates a wonderful dialogue with that of Glenn Goldberg.

Painter Maggie Mailer, daughter of author Norman, has chosen color and form to define her creative expression. However, the narrative line in her paintings is clear as they reveal their story of escape and enchantment. Three small watercolors are on view in the exhibition, but please ask to see a box of her unframed pieces. Measuring approximately 4 and ? by 5 ? inches, these watercolors are stunning examples of process and paint.

Heidi Spector’s sculptural paintings bring a vibrancy and lyricism to the exhibition through her geometric patterning. Music patterns repeat in her use of line and color, connecting, in a way, to the chakra system.

image: Leslie Fry. Leaf Dress. Plaster with oil paint. 24" x 16" x 12"