Thursday, September 8, 2011

CALL TO ARTISTS: Colors of the Kingdom Outdoor Street Exhibit

We received this call from Edward Kadunc:

Dear Artist,

The Northeast Chamber of Commerce with Atelier Kadunc School of Fine Arts is pleased to invite you to be a part of The Annual Colors of the Kingdom Celebration, and participate in the Street Arts Festival Saturday September 17, St. Johnsbury, VT.

As part of many activities and events, we are trying to promote and celebrate local Fine Artists,
Craft Artists, Sculptors, Photographers, Potters, Etc. and line downtown St. Johnsbury streets with Art and Craft Work, as an Outdoor Street Exhibit. This celebration promises to be an event with abundant activity and foot traffic, with practically all businesses and establishments participating in the activities.

The Northeast Kingdom is an area of extreme natural beauty and home to abundant talent in
the Arts, it is my hope to showcase, celebrate, and promote this talent in this Street Exhibit.
I sincerely hope you are able to be a part of this, an annual celebration of the Arts.

As for particulars: The sidewalks of Railroad Street, Eastern Ave, and Main Streets are open for your Exhibit. It was my thought that we lean Artwork up against store fronts, and windows and make this Street Exhibit as simple as possible. Nevertheless, should you need tables, easels, chairs, or racks to display your work, we will leave this up to the Artist, so bring what you need for display. In case of rain we leave this up to your judgment, as we certainly do not wish for any
artwork to be damaged.

As part of this celebration we are asking business owners to spill out onto the sidewalk as well, and be a part of the event. Therefore, it is my hope that we as displaying Artists do not block entrances of particular shops, or display artwork in front of Artwork Shops or Galleries, as I hope they will promote their own wares. I am hoping common sense and courtesy will make this an energetic day for the Arts, St Johnsbury Center, and the local Art Community.

In short, it is my hope that Artists of all mediums turn out and celebrate and promote the Arts of the kingdom.

Thank You,
Edward Kadunc

Image from J. Stephen Conn's Flickr photostream