Monday, September 26, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Carol E.S. MacDonald at the Supreme Court in Montpelier

Line / Structure / Pattern

September 6 - October 28
The Vermont State Supreme Court
11 State St, Montpelier
Open M-F 8-4:30

Carol MacDonald’s Statement:

In this work I explore the role of process, repetition and the essential elements found in our daily lives and the natural world. I am interested in how repeating patterns, routines, and structures assist us in living a more centered and peaceful life. Providing a way to bring serenity and satisfaction into our lives.

Line has long been an essential element in my work. The drawn line, the line of a piece of nesting material, the spoken line of conversation, the line of yarn. In examining the world of knitting, pattern is created from a single line, at times mistakes are made, the pattern unravels and becomes a tangled mess or can be reformed into a new pattern. These are all metaphors for our life process. As I work with patterns, opening parts of it up, microcosms have emerged. The structures become cellular or skeletal in nature or take on their own sculptural shapes. Beauty in its most essential form.

Images: Transition I, Coming Undone III