Thursday, September 15, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Lynn Newcomb at Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin

The Central Vermont Medical Center art gallery, located in the hospital lobby, has fast become a popular venue for local artists. Our newest exhibitor is Lynn Newcomb, who works as a blacksmith/sculptor and a printmaker. Her forge and print shop are located in Worcester, Vermont. The CVMC exhibit is open from now until November 4, 2011.

“The underlying technique for all these prints is liftground etching,” explained the artist. “Etching is a medium capable of great nuance. Etching is a flexible medium, demonstrating the power and resonance of black ink. I let the plates evolve slowly and they acquire histories – accidents, imperfections, traces where I have re-worked the image. I use simple tools. My interest lies in creating what one may call layered prints, prints in which the viewer has the sensation of looking into and through the blacks.”

I work as a printmaker and a metal sculptor. My abstract prints sometimes relate to the sculpture and I certainly draw as a sculptor. The Kathmandu Series were created after a trip to Nepal where I first saw the Buddhist symbol for eternity. I then created prints where I made a continuous line which looked as though I had not lifted the brush while drawing,” said Lynn.

“I am continually amazed at the creative talent in central Vermont,” said CVMC President and CEO Judy Tarr Tartaglia. “Lynn’s been working right here in Worcester, Vermont for more than 20 years, yet her work is in major collections ranging across the United States from the Seattle [Washington] Arts Commission to the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University.”

“I was inspired to create the four collaged prints currently on exhibit at CVMC, after seeing an exhibition of the work of painter Estevan Vicente. These four collages are tangential to my central body of work but made under the same impulse that might lead a violinist to sit down at the piano for awhile,” noted Lynn.

Lynn has recently been a guest lecturer and visiting critic at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts, and at the Rhode Island School of Design European Honors Program in Rome, Italy. She teaches etching classes at Two Rivers Printmaking in White River Junction.