Tuesday, November 3, 2009

PRESS RELEASE: Fran Bull at Carving Studio & Sculpture Center Gallery in West Rutland

Editor's note:

We hope to bring Vermont Art Zine readers an extended interview and studio visit with Fran Bull in the coming weeks, exploring her process and the complex structure of this installation in more detail.

Fran Bull's recent artwork explores the barbarism of war through an installation of sculpture and etching in nine parts. Drawing on cultural memories of World War I, In Flanders Fields will be at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center Gallery from November 20, 2009-March 28, 2010, reminding the viewer of commonalities and differences in past and present human conflict.

There will be an opening reception, with an opportunity to meet the artist, on Friday, November 20 from 5 to 7 PM.

In Flanders Fields is Fran Bull's attempt to add her "silent scream" to the human chorus of those for whom war is anathema. She explains, "It is a meditation on the fact that we, as whole countries, as societies, as small bands linked by shared hatreds and as human beings with our pitifully short lives given the privilege of inhabiting this magnificent planet--continue to turn to warfare, mired in the delusion that we are thereby solving our human dilemmas."

Fran Bull's art has been shown worldwide for over 25 years. She studied painting at Bennington College and in 1980 she earned an M.A. degree from New York University in Art and Art Education. In the mid 1990's Bull expanded her creative focus by exploring other media, including performance art, sculpture, mixed media, printmaking and set design. Fran Bull lives and works in Brandon, Vermont where she runs Gallery in-the Field, presenting the work of provocative, innovative living artists. For more on Fran Bull and her work, please visit her website- www.franbull.com.

The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center will host a Lunchtime Gallery Talk by Fran Bull at noon on Wednesday, December 9. For more information, please contact the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center by telephone at (802) 438-2097 or email to info@carvingstudio.org.

The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center is located at 636 Marble Street, West Rutland, VT

Etching of Larks, Photo: Michael Heeney

Lysistrata and her band of women, plaster and mixed media, in progress in the artist's studio