Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Beth Barndt at the Black Door in Montpelier

Eight of Beth Barndt’s collages (most new, but also two from 1977) are on display this week at the Black Door, 44 Main Street in Montpelier (3rd floor) as part of Friday night's Montpelier Art Walk. Beth will be sitting up there with her collages on Friday, October 7, from 5-8pm. She welcomes visitors!

Barndt, a collage artist with a studio in Richmond, also performs locally as a comic and storyteller. Regarding recent work, she writes:

These are some words that I like/find applicable: Balance, Grids, Pods, Repetition, Echo, Form/Space, Implication, Suggestion, Juxtaposition, Discomfort, Resolution, Resonance, Surprise. And then I think (other than Grids & Pods, maybe): Who doesn't?

In terms of process: the preparation for the final gluing can be complex and pretty precise. I use scissors a lot; I use pins to position materials; I like old wallpaper, the NY Times Magazine section, wasps' nests, lots of foil, detritus. I seem to best enjoy building something from my own detritus. And, since I cut things out a lot, the leftovers lead me right to playing with Negative Space.

Image: Sanded Time