Saturday, October 8, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Corrina Thurston at Espresso Bueno Cafe, Barre

Corrina Thurston is an artist working out of central Vermont and

currently has twelve of her pieces hanging on display at the Espresso Bueno Cafe in downtown Barre, VT.

Corrina specializes in colored pencil and is known for her intricate

detail and unique style. Her finished pieces resemble paintings more so than drawings and people are frequently shocked that the medium is in fact colored pencil. Many of her pieces depict wild animals, flowers, and she has recently begun drawing portraits.

Surprisingly, Corrina has been drawing for less than two years. She is 21 years old, has been sick for three years and was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness that will last for at least another three to six years. The illness leaves her fatigued, with chronic migraines, eye sensitivity, shaky hands, anxiety, and insomnia. She had to medically withdraw from college and is incapable of holding a job. She had never drawn before January of 2010 and has found that drawing is, for her, the best therapy. She now spends most of her "good" time drawing and experiments with every piece she produces, pushing the limits of what she can do with colored pencil.

Come see her artwork currently on display at the Espresso Bueno Cafe, now through mid-November. More exhibits are listed on her website: