Thursday, October 13, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Jan Ghiringhelli and Phillip Robertson at City Center in Montpelier

Paint and Print:
The Vermont Landscape

Recent work by Jan Ghiringhelli and Phillip Robertson

November 7 - December 2, 2011
City Center in Montpelier, Vermont

Jan Ghiringhelli loves Vermont, loves its countryside back roads, where she roams searching for that AhHa moment. Excited, she piles out of the car and sets up her equipment, bent on capturing the spirit of place that had called out to her. In this exhibit are Jan's spirit images from around Central Vermont.

Phillip Robertson is an interdisciplinary artist and printmaker, living in Vermont since 1994. Inspired by the natural landscape, Robertson uses imagination and memory to look beyond realism to make a statement about the pastoral landscape tradition in the 21st century.

Jan Ghiringhelli and Phillip Robertson are members of the Art Resource Association. Visit the ARA website at: For more information about the exhibit and for sales contact Jan (229-5209) or Phillip (472-9369).

Images: Jan Ghiringhelli

Phillip Robertson, Beverage Store, Linoleum Block Print