Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Press Release: Nicholas Heilig at 2 Burlington locations

Epic. Classic. Grand. Ambitious… This could be a description of Andy Warhol, but it also happens to sum up the theme of Nicholas Heilig's latest series of images. Pop star & stencil inspired, this shows have something for everyone. Subjects span the gambit from G.I. Joe to Marilyn Monroe and back again. Each image consist of three colored layers of card stock which were hand cut and combined to form patterned silhouettes and symbols. The resulting work is minimalistic, meant to mimic, and mainly a movement for the masses. The series can be seen at Nunyuns, (139 North Champlain Street, Burlington VT), and Speaking Volumes, (377 Pine Street, Burlington VT), for the months of October, November & December. Visit http://www.popuppeople.blogspot.com for a sneak peak at some of the images.