Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Corrina Thurston at Tulsi Tea Room, Montpelier


Corrina Thurston, 22, has been creating art for just over two years following the diagnosis of a chronic illness. She was forced to medically withdraw from college after just one semester and still too ill to hold employment or go back to school.

She currently has a solo display at the Tulsi Tea Room in Montpelier, exhibiting a selection of her artwork. This exhibit presents Corrina’s artwork to the public in a comfortable environment, whether you are stopping in for tea and pastries, or buying medicinal herbs and tinctures. The atmosphere is great, and the people are friendly. Each piece of art will be for sale and orders are welcomed from her website.

When looking at Corrina’s pieces, most people assume that they have been done with paint, when in fact, all of the pieces shown in this exhibit are completed with 100% Colored Pencil. Eventually she hopes to help make colored pencil a better-known medium across the nation.

The display will be up through June 14th