Thursday, May 17, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Local Artist Show at Village Frame Shoppe & Gallery in St. Albans

The Village Frame Shoppe and Gallery presents their Local Artist Show which opens on May 8, 2012 and features the art of Meta Strick, Tinka Theresa Martell, and Jill Snapp. Reception: Friday May 18, 2011 6:00PM-8:00PM; Refreshments will be served and the reception is open to the public.The exhibit runs from May 8, 2012 through Thursday June 7, 2012.

Meta Strick (image at left) is a lifelong artist with a Fine Arts Bachelor Degree from Carnegie Mellon University and 25 years teaching experience at Community College of Vermont. She is noted for her mixed media Art Dolls, wall hangings, and acrylic paintings which are produced with a number of mixed materials from buttons, to string, sand, wire and many other materials.

Tinka Theresa Martell (image at right), an abstract artist from Fairfax Vermont works with several media, wood, paper, canvas, she also uses many recycled and other found objects. Mostly she enjoys working with small scale collage, especially playing with copper leaf and ink. Her large scale works are often three dimensional, and her medium varies.She incorporates bold colors, using black to define her shapes she creates large asymmetrical compositions, adding hammered copper plate to imply a solid feeling and blends in soft muted colors till the right color arrives.

Artist Jill Snapp (image at left) was born in St. Albans, and grew up in Florida  and  Virginia.  She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree  in 1984 and her Master of Fine Art Degree  in 1991.  She taught in the theatre and arts deparment at  Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. Jill was also the scenic artist for the Virginia Opera, Virginia State an Virginia Scenic. She is now the stage artist for the Society of the Performing Arts (SASPA) here in St. Albans. Jill usually paints on a large scale, depicting colorful landscapes and barns. She has had numerous exhibitions in Virginia and Massachusetts. She is currently employed with Northwest Counseling and Support Services in St. Albans.

Village Frame Shoppe and Gallery is located at 72 North Main Street in St. Albans, Vermont.