Monday, May 21, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: International Artists in Residence at Vermont Carving Studio in West Rutland

Greek sculptor Leonidas Chalepas will create new work  at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center as Artist in Residence for the 2012 workshop season. Mr. Chalepas has Bachelor's degrees from the Athens School of Fine Arts (Sculpture) and the National Technical University of Athens (Architecture). He is currently based in Brooklyn, New York, following MFA studies at Pratt Institute on a Fulbright scholarship. He is interested in working at the Studio this summer because our "place and mission give an excellent opportunity for a focused debate, thought and creation of sculpture."

 Leonidas says, "My work is an everyday exploration." The artist works intuitively, often incorporating found materials and color in his mixed media (metal, wood, plastic, stone etc.) creations, which you can see on the artist’s website.

The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center continues its relationship with SIAS University (Henan Province, China, since 2008) by hosting 2012 Intern Ivy (Hao Li) of ZhengZhou.

"The desert means arid climate and scorching heat.
Any plants in the desert represent vitality and refreshment.
The blue color can bring the cool and calmness to the audience."
-Hao Li

Images: Leonidas Chalepas, Archaic-antiCyclops, marble, 2008, work by Hao entitled Haoli Desert.