Friday, January 11, 2013

WAITSFIELD: 12 Fiber Artists "Intertwined"

Marilyn Gillis - "Inner Conversations 3"
January 7 through March 9, 2013
Curator: Pam Druhen
The Festival Gallery

Waitsfield, VT

The Festival Gallery in Waitsfield, Vermont presents “Intertwined,” a collection of new work from 12 of Vermont’s premier fiber artists from January 7 through March 9.  The creations that make up “Intertwined” are rooted in time tested materials and techniques and are informed by the 21st Century.  The cumulative work of 24 hands, years of experience and expertise in the fiber medium, and unlimited imagination, this special exhibit takes Sculptural Knitting, Weaving, Knotting, Fabric Collage, Quilting, Felting and Basketry to new levels.

Northfield fiber artist and “threadpainter” Pam Druhen has curated this exhibit for the Valley Arts Foundation.  “ ‘Intertwined’ is a curator’s dream, and in many ways it is also an artist’s dream,” says, Pam Druhen. “As an artist it is always an adventure to go to the next level, to push through where we have been and enter uncertain territory.  Creating work that is a result of that exploration and exhibiting it is exciting and daunting all at once.  “Intertwined” is a body of work which represents that exploration.”

Karen Henderson - "Reverie"

Rae Harrell - " The Solution" - mixed media on board
Twelve fiber artists from Vermont are represented, each with their own unique style and technique.  Their works interpret subject matter as diverse as landscapes, still life and florals, while sculptural pieces range from baskets, hats and abstract creations.  The artists are: Marsha Chase, Pam Druhen, Elizabeth Fram, Christine Fries, Marilyn Gillis, Rae Harrell, Karen Henderson, Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, Rachel Kahn,Dianne Shullenberger, David Stearns and Tamara Wight.

“The works literally jump off the walls at you,” says Karen Nevin, Executive Director. “We are excited to be presenting this extraordinary show that reveals fiber in a completely different light. A basket is twisted with paper or wire, a weaving looks like a pastel painting or seed pearl snowflakes fall upon a thread-painted Round Barn.  There is even a sailboat rising from the pages of a book as if on a roiling sea!  Each artist has used fiber in traditional ways to reveal unconventional themes, or conversely used untraditional “fibers” to create something very recognizable.”

The techniques of each artist are tried and true, honed after hours of practice and years of working with them.  Each stands alone as an artist yet is intertwined in their exploration of fiber as a medium.  They are rooted in the traditions of fiber, yet each artist has gone far beyond the utilitarian concepts originated and commonly accepted as part of the medium.  The artists of “Intertwined” have entered a world which walks a fine line between what history names as fiber, what is perceived by the public to be fiber and the innovative materials and techniques available now.  The medium continues to grow and change as new work is created.  There are as many layers to this body of work as there are in each artist’s individual personality.

“Let the work speak to you.” said Gary Eckhart, President of the Valley Arts Foundation, which runs the Festival Gallery.  “Let the excitement and innovation catch you by surprise.  This is fiber at its best!”

Tamara Wight - "Three"
“Intertwined” will run through March 9th at  
The Festival Gallery, located at #2 Village Square next to the Tempest Book Store. The Gallery is open Monday through Friday 10-4 pm and Saturdays from 10-3:30 pm.  For more information call 802-496-6682 or go to

Photos included are:

Marilyn Gillis - "Inner Conversations 3" (detail) - 

paint, print, dye, silk paper, felt
Karen Henderson - "Reverie" - 
hand woven linen, cotton chenille, silk, cotton gauze, dye painting, shibori and hand stitching.
Rae Harrell - " The Solution" - mixed media on board
Tamara Wight - "Three" - Wood, reed, copper, rice paper, watercolor